Xpress Stores Review

eCommerce or Affiliate marketing? Why not combine the best of both with Xpress Stores for wordpress. Check out my review and bonus for ways to get unlimited free traffic.

Official site: http://xpressstores.com

AliExpress Money Making Affiliate Program

Front-End2How would you like to be there at the start of Amazon associaterogram? A time where you could pick an in demand physical product that converts up to 50% and have zero competition? If you answered yes, than you’re not alone. I, as well as thousands of others, missed the best times of Amazon associate program and now we’re stuck with low converting and low commissions products.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way thanks to xpress stores. Unlike Amazon, the AliExpress affiliate program if fairly new totally untapped. While everyone and their grandma is fighting for ammazon affiliate sales, you can grab a piece of a much bigger pie promote alixpress items.

Best part? 99% of all small eCommerce stores use either AliExpress or Alibaba as the source of their products. So you can offer the same products, with the same shipping costs as all these stores, but for less. You see, being an Aliexpress affiliate means you will be promoting the product and getting up top 50% commissions from the base price.

That means you don’t have to raise the price make a few bucks from ecommerce. What’s even better is that with Xpress stores you don’t need to handle or ship anything yourself and you can make as many stores as you like.

What Does Xpress Stores offer?

With the system you get training, step by step blueprint, walk-through videos and most importantly the WordPress themes to put it all together.  All you have to do is add your affiliate number and you’re good to go.

So what are you waiting for? Grab Xpress Stores before the price goes goes up. Click below now.

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