Webfire Review

Webfire 3.0 by Shawn Casey and Brian Koz is finally here and I’m excited to get started with it. Check out the review below of what I think/

Official Site: Webfire.com

So What Is Webfire 3.0?

Back in 2013 I got my hands on the first Webfire software, and while I liked it, I never really loved it. Why? It just seem too disorganized and require a decent amount of setting up.

So I didn’t use it as much as I would have liked. With that said I ended up skipping the 2.0 version as I was busy with other projects , but I’m trilled about the Webfire 3.0.

Why 3.0?

webfire 3.0After getting my first look at it, and checking out the power underneath the hood I was blown away. Not only did Shawn Shawn Casey and Brian Koz automated 99% of the work, but also gave it a slick and intuitive design. Everything seems in the right place and you can create a quick campaigns in matter of minutes.

Do what do you actually get with Web Fire?

Everything now is in real time and it ionclude

Real Time Lead Gathering – best leads delivered automatically? Sign me up
Real Time Website Rank Tracking – I spend almost $1000 on this every year alone
Real Time Ranked Lead Tracking – great way to find new keywords
Real Time Rank Analysis – this give you insight into rankings
Real Time SEO Fixes – constant updates on penalties and other problems
Real Time Spying – find out where your competition is building links
Real Time Spying Part Deux – have webife contact those places for you
Real Time Automated Reports – have everything in one place
Automated Social Media Posting and Distribution of your content
Automated Video Creation – even creates videos for you? Nice

To be honest I’m probably not even going to use all of these features but amouint of value you get is huge.

That is why anyone interested in unlimited amount of organic traffic should check out webfire today. My full review coming soon.

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