Dashnex Pages Review

Find out why Dashnex Pages by Peter Garety is the world’s easiest and fastest squeeze page generator.  No more confusing and time consuming builders. Check out the review for details.

90 Second Squeeze Page Generator: Dashnex Pages

It doesn’t matter of you call them squeeze, opt-in, or lead pages, the simple truth is that any and every business needs a high quality squeeze pages.  The truth is that in today’s online world you require dozens of them if not more. The days of 80% converting opt-in pages that were 3 years old are over.

dashnex pagesI’ll be honest, I myself am guilty of using the same or slightly altered squeeze page for far too long.  Despite all of these drag and drop, integration with everything, pages that are so supposedly easy to create take time. This is especially true if you’re doing split testing and so on.  So sometimes we can get a bit lazy and try to get away without changing a thing.  Well those days are over with Peter Garety Dashnex pages.

It really takes just 90 seconds to create a full optimized and beautiful lead page.  Add the easy integration to all popular service, and social media, as well as unlimited hosting of your pages and you won’t be able to stop creating them. In fact after using the Dashnex I was blown away how fund it really was. I no longer dread or try to put off creating new pages for testing, or different events.

For example just the other day I wanted to split test a few different offers. Creating a squeeze page for each one would take me at least 20 minutes, but with Peter Garety paeg creator I was done in 10 minutes with all 5.

That si why I totall encorage you to try Dashnex Pages for yourself to see just how easy ti is.



Recode DNA For Wealth Review and Bonuses

How would you like to become a superman or superwoman? While Recode DNA for Wealth might not give you the ability to shoot lasers out of your eyes, it can definitely make you super rich. Find out why online entrepreneurs like Anik Singal and self-development coaches like Pete and Andy from A Bug Free Mind can’t get enough of it.

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Many great thinkers and philosophers, from Cicero to Floriano Martins, have stated that each of us is our own worst enemy. Why is that? Because you are always the last person standing in your way of success. You’re the judge and jury on your own limitations.

However, it’s really not your fault. In fact, it’s just the way we’re programmed. The good news is that we can change that, or recode our DNA, as Dawn Clark calls it.

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How To Recode DNA For Wealth

Dawn Clark spend her entire life researching and developing the Recode DNA system. It’s a complete blueprint, backed up by scientific proof, to reinvent your life and recreate your density with 6 step-by-step modules. These include:

  1.  Unlocking Your Untapped Wealth Potential and Activating  Your Brain-Field Connection
  2. Decoding Junk DNA Imprints related to Opportunity, Pioneering and Entrepreneurialism.
  3. Overcoming Imprint of Scarcity and Loss & The Power of Core Fractals
  4. Mapping The Impact of Origin and Hotpots From Critical Life Events.
  5. Deciphering Imprints from Culture, Media and Dogma
  6. Getting Your Personalized Tools, Quantum Monogamy and Power Apps

The “choose your adventure” style of teaching Dawn Clark uses is extremely beneficial. Unlike other coursesthatadopta one-size-fits-all approach, Recode DNA takes it a step further. This type of personalization ensuresthat success can be achieved by many and not only a select few.

recode dna wealthOn top of the main course you also get Recode DNA for Wealth Bonus or make that 7 bonuses. These include:

  1. Live Group Coaching with Dawn Clark
  2. Wealth Encoding While You Sleep
  3. Choose Your Own Adventure
  4. Target Recoding for Success
  5. Upgrade Anything Now Framework
  6. Wormholing
  7. Transformational Linguistic

These bonuses will enhance the quality of your life and amount ofyour wealth. For example, wealth encodingwhile you sleep is a great way to integrate new information and reinforce previously learnt things while you’re snoozing away. So, even in your downtime you can be recoding your DNA.

Final Word On The Review of Recode DNA For Wealth

There is no question in my mind that if you want to be wealthier, healthier and happier, or basically the best version of yourself, then Recode DNA for Wealth is definitely for you.

That’s the beauty of this system, as Dawn Clark doesn’t try to force you tobe someone you’re not, like many other courses out there do. Instead,Recode DNA for Wealthbreaks all the limits and unlocks the potential you already have inside you.

There is no need to be someone else. Like Oscar Wilde sais “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” However, learn how to become the best version of yourself with Recode DNA For Wealth by Dawn Clark.

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Publish Academy Bonus

My Done For You  Publish Academy Bonus

publish academy bonusHere’s a disclaimer: I can only do this for the first 25 people, so make sure to grab Passion To Profit to lock yourself in.  Once the first 25 people buy using my link (the one on the bottom  or anyone on THIS site) the bonus will be gone. I’ll still help you get the first product publish by sharing my insight and resources but can’t do all of it for you.

So, click below to be first inline to get the bonus. If you do, I’ll create your first digital product, an eBook, for you. It can be in any niche or market, and all you have to do is give me a topic (or we can decide together) and I’ll pay a professional writer and illustrators to do the work.

That is, arguably, the part that most people give up on done for you. How awesome is that?

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Passion To Profit Anik Singal

As you I read the Passion To Profit, I got this warm and fuzzy feeling inside. The crazy mixture of excitement and comfort at the same time. Maybe you experienced something similar when reading an inspirational book or watching a video? The inside voice telling you that you can do this.

It is a shame that most of us try to block or at least mute that voice. We pretend we have something more important to do than following our dreams. There is only a handful of people that follow voice, and it’s them that succeed.

For example as you read Passion to Profit you will learn about the Anik’s journey from $100 to millions online. And how about Dawn Clark, a single mother of three, that used digital publishing to skyrocket her income. Or Dori Friend and Jimmy Kim that both earn millions of dollars online thanks to applying the same blueprint you will be introduced with Passion To Profit and learn in detail inside Publish Academy.

We often see that experts in personal development and fiance, like Bob Proctor and Robert Kiyosaki, and online super affiliates like Dori Friend and Jimmy Kim, praise Anik Singal and his Publish Academy, but what about the little guy?

william laneyOne of my favorites and most inspiring case studies from Anik Singal’s Passion to Profit  is William Laney (page 73 of the book).  He is someone who stayed back and watched other people around him change their income and lives for 2 years before finally taking action.  An guess what? He was able to make $10,000 in his first month using the same digital publish plan you will have access to.

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Who Is Anik Singal?

There are few online entrepreneurs like Anik Singal, a self-made online millionaire, CEO and founder of mutiple companies,  magazine recognized businessman, and even a Bollywood movie star?

Anik might be many thing to many people, but to me he will always be my mentor and most important someone that gave me hope in the darkest of days.  While creating an online business is not necessary easy, it can be simple. With a right plan and mentor anyone can create an online publishing business.

Not too long ago I was at my breaking point not sure which way to turn. This when I was introduced to Anik Singal and right away knew that this guy was for real. Unlike other entrepreneurs, or internet marketing gurus where you only see a persona, Anik Singal is the real deal.

He is a kind of person that really cares about his students and clients. That is why I always feel honored to promote anything by Anik Singal. So check out the full review of Publish Academy above and stay cool. This has been fun

Publish Academy Review

The Publish Academy course by Anik Singal is considered to be a no-fluff way to build an online business by personal finance and self-development best-sellers Robert Kiyosaki and Bob Proctor.

However, is Publish Academy the right system for you? Let me help you find out by giving you an inside look and my honest review about Anik Singal’s latest course below.

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join publish academy

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Review of Publish Academy

publish academy logo

So what exactly is Publish Academy by Anik Singal? At first glance it’s an all-inclusive step-by-step online course complete with video training and the tools required to build a profitable and self-sustaining business online.

However, as you progress through the course you will understand that it is much more than that. In short, Publish Academy gives you the chance to finally turn your passion or desire into a lifestyle you want and deserve.

That is what my husband and I did 3 years ago, and we never looked back. Granted, our first online venture, which was creating handmade invitations, didn’t go as planned. However, once we were introduced to Anik Singal and his digital publishing business plan, it all changed. We now operate several online businesses both jointly and separately. Click here to learn more about our story.

Digital Business Plan with Publish Academy

So what is this digital publishing blueprint that allows Anik and his students to start earning $10,000 in less than 60 days?

publish academy planAs you can see, unlike other business models this includes only 6 crucial parts.

  • Niche Selection – select a niche you’re passionate about using Anik’s guide and tools or pick one of the proven ones inside PA.
  • Product Creation – this can be anything from a simple eBook to a video series. Don’t stress about this part at the start. Publish Academy includes a cheat-sheet on how to write best selling eBook every-time, or use my bonus (read below).
  • Digital Multipliers – find out how to increase your profits by 300%+ using digital multipliers.
  • Automate Delivery – use the system included in Publish Academy to set automatic delivery of your product so you don’t have to do anything.
  • Messaging – keep in touch with your customers as they will continue to buy from you and grow your brand at the same time.
  • Profit – sit back and relax or start thinking of your next product.

Simplify The Process?

One of the reason that my first online business failed, aside from not having a clear blueprint to follow, was over-complicating the process. Instead of focusing on a specific part of the business at once, I was all over the place, which just resulted in losing money, being overwhelmed and ultimately giving up.

einstein PAThe problem I had, and that many people who are just starting out also have, is that we over-complicate everything. Due to inexperience we lack the self-belief needed to push on.

On the other hand, many internet gurus try to over-simplify everything, which just adds to the problem.

That’s why I really appreciate Anik Singal’s direct yet simple-to-follow business model. It might not be a push-button or turn-key solution for an online business – those don’t actually exist a ctually exist – but it is a very straightforward way to own a profitable online business.

Best Way To Get Started With Publish Academy

From what I know about myself, and plenty others, one of the hardest bumps to get over when starting a digital publishing business is the first product. How do you do it? Anik has this down to a science and you will learn about it inside Publish Academy, but let me reassure you with the highlights and my personal opinion.

Create something simple – an eBook is a perfect way to start a digital empire because it is:

  • simple to create – no digital experience or skills needed
  • easily accessible – anyone can read a book online these days with a desktop, tablet or phone anywhere in the world
  • inexpensive – your intro product should be well priced before you become an authority
  • authority – putting an eBookout is a great way to start building your authority and/or brand awareness

As you can see, it is not difficult to publish your first digital product, but I can do you one better. How would you like me to do the work for you?

I will create your first product (an eBook) in any niche or market as my Publish Academy bonus. This is only for the first 20 people who get the bonus through my link. Click here for more details.

So, Is Publish Academy Right For You?

Despite the fact that Anik’s course is in my opinion, and many others, the best and simplest way to start an online business from scratch, it is not for everyone. For example, if you’re looking for:

  • Push-button scams
  • Get rich quick schemes
  • Make money with surveys
  • Binary options

Then this is definitely not for you. However, if you are serious about this and want to:

  • Be your own boss (no more 9 to 5)
  • Make $10,000 online within 60 days
  • Turn your passion into a 6 or 7 figure a year business
  • Enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams

Then I can definitely recommend Publish Academy to you. Anik Singal has helped thousands of people, just like you and me, to shape our own destiny. So what are you waiting for? Click below to get started today.

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