Parallel Profits Review – 7 Sales To $100k and Double Bonus?

What if I told you with Parallel Profits you can make $100,000 this year with 7 sale? Or better yet, double that with my bonus?

Sounds insane? Wel hear me out.

The Secret of Parallel Profits?

When I started my online venture over 6 years ago I jumped straight into afilliate. After all, at the time it seemed like the perfect solution.

  1. Promote other people’s product (no need to create your own or even sell)
  2. Leverage their name and brand (again no need to do your own)
  3. No face to face interaction or even online ones
  4. No other work after they buy (no customer service or any kind of service)

It’s the laptop lifestyle everyone that sells products online promotes and one everyone like me wanted. I mean, what not to like? It’s just like recommending stuff to people. Anyway can do that, right?

Well, the problem is that everyone thinks that which makes it not so.

Wait, what? You see, because everyone starting online or dreaming of the online lifestyle often wants affiliate. On top of that you have the big guys and gals that are already super affilaites, the competition is out of this world.

I mena you literraly have thousands of people all fighting to sell a $47 product that you get less than $20 commissions for. Or better yet, physical products that you get 5%.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love affiliate, but unless you’re a super affiliate, or crazy good at finding low hanging fruits, you’re fighting an uphill battle.

I know, I almost went bankrupt twice in those 6 years prusining affiliate income despite makeing over 6 figures per year with it.

Now if you want to do affiliate, that’s great and part of my income still comes from it, just find a system that really works.

How about Something Similar But Better?

These days most of my income comes from lead generation. You see, unlike affilaite, lead generation is much stable as you’re not always chasing the best converting product or system.

In fact, it’s kinda boring almost once you get it going. Which is why i still do affiliate marketing on the side. Nothing gets yourblood boiling like working on a promote for 2 months and not making a single sale.

Local Lead Generation?

There are few ways to do that. You can either generate the leads yourself and sell them to business that need it. Or you can just send them to CPA offers and finally you can provide the service for them.

All of them have thierpluses and minues.

You see sending leads to a CPA offer is probabbly the least hassel way you can do it. In fact, it’s closest thing to affiliate marketing. You simply generate leads, usually to a zip or phone submit, and get paid per lead.

So you don’t need to interact with people, but requires the most work to set it up. As CPA offers tend to be more competetive than local tree removals or something.

Than you have generating leads and selling them to specific businesses. Now this a bit different than above because you can target smaller niches with a lot less competition, but you do need some interaction with businesses.

It’s not much and you don’t really need to do any hard selling as you can just contact people and tell them you have lead, or even send them a few to proof your point.

Finally, you have the option where you provide the business the service to generate leads. That’s the most tricky one as you need to sell your service and than do the work.

Providing this kind of service can be cause to get started on but unless you have some real live proof or known brand not many people will pay you upfront to do work for them.

Go with Parallel Profits?

So where does parallel profits fit into this? We know that leads + CPA is the closest to affiliate but hardest to make it, lead gen + selling leads has less competition but you still need to have leads first. And finally service route reqauires proof or selling power.

What if I told you there is a hybrid of all those 3 things?

  1. It’s as simple as affiliate, but not as competitive as CPA or affilaite
  2. You can target all the local niches and still don’t need 1 local clients
  3. You can start earning without leads but have proof and guarantee tyou suceed.

I’m talking take it to the next level and that level is Parallel Profits.

Parallel Profits Bonus

Now for a limited tome only I’m offering you a bonus that could double your income without much work. That’s $100k x 2 the first year.

Interested> Stayed tuned for more on Parallel Profits.