Learn Build Earn Review, Case-Study and 20k Bonus

Mark Ling’s Learn Build Earn combines digital publishing, eCommerce and affiliate marketing into one course. Those 3 biggest online opportunities accounted for $500 billion in sales in 2016, and will likely double by 2020. Find out how you can grab a piece of that half a trillion pie in the review below

Creator: Mark Ling
Price: $2,497
Official Site: learnbuildearn.com/go/join

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Is LearnBuildEarn Right For You?

learn build earn review

Now, before we dive into the course itself and the true potential of each opportunity let’s get something clear. LBE is NOT one of those get rich quick scams or magical exploits that will “supposedly” fill your account overnight.

If you are looking for one of those products, this review and LBE is not for you. Sorry, but I’m just being upfront with you to not to waste your time. I wish someone was that upfront with me when I wasted thousands of dollars.

You’re interested in another course by Mark Ling? Check out the Profit Engine review for more information now.

So What id Mark Ling’s LearnBuildEarn anyway?

learn build earnIn Mark Ling’s own words, he calls it the “the most comprehensive information marketing program.” However, he might be selling it a bit short. After going through it, I can say it is much more than that.

In fact, LEB includes 3 separate courses on the top 3 online opportunities in 2017. These are digital publishing, eCommerce, and affiliate marketing.

With LBE it’s possible to go from $0 to 6-figures per year with each of these opportunities in as little as 2 months (the refund period) and even break 7-figures with all three by the end of the year.

Is There Really That Much Money In These Opportunities?

The short answer is YES, but let’s look at some statistics to see just what is possible with those opportunities:

Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing  (publication of eBook, digital magazines, system and programs) actually began in 1971, when Michael Hart made a digital copy of the Declaration of Independence.

learnbuildearn.com/go/joinHowever, it wasn’t until 2000s that digital publishing really took off with ePaper technology and increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets in 2010s. In fact, by 2015 more than 50% of all books, magazines, and newspapers were read on a digital devices.

Amazon, world largest bookstore, is a perfect example of that by selling 61% of the its top bestselling books in kindle format compared to 39% in-print. That doesn’t even include digital only books.

Why is all of this important?

  •  scope of the possibilities with digital publishing huge
  • the demand of digitally delivered content is growing every year
  • with digital products you can cut out the middle man and keep all the profit
  • or publish it digitally on a marketplace for a fraction of the cost

For example if you decide to publish your product through Clickbank, world’s largest digital only marketplace, you keep 92.5% – $1 of your profits.  On the other other Amazon Kindle Publishing has 2 options that pay you either 35% of royalties or 75% depending on which KDP packed you choose.

So once you have a eBook or any other type of digital product it will cost you virtually nothing to publish it. Unlike traditional ways where you have to spend thousands of dollars to get started.

In fact, you don’t even need to create a product once you have Learn Build Earn.  Mark Ling includes both done for you products as well as outsourcing options to get quality eBooks done for you quickly and cheap.

With that said he also has a foolproof system to create your own information products and publish it to earn commissions. The choice is yours


eCommerce (selling of physical products as a vendor) also started in 1971 when ARPANET was used to arrange a sale between students at SAIL and MIT.

learnbuildearn.comHowever, unlike the digital publishing eCom has been dominated by mostly big companies with tons of resources. It is only recently that self-serving platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and even Amazon’s FBA has made it possible to sell physical products quick, simple and without the need to code or have technical experience.

For example let’s take Shopify, a platform you can use with LEB, that is as simple to use a WordPress blog. All you do is name your store, select a theme, add products and sell. Here are some of the stats from 2016:

  • 377,500 merchants up 134,032 (+55%) from 2015.
  • Shopify stores in 175 countries.
  • Merchant growth on each continent: Africa +35%; Asia +65%; Europe +53%; North America +55%; Oceania +52%; South America +88%.
  • Merchants added more than 290 million products this year.
  • 100 million online shoppers made purchases in Shopify stores. Up from 57 million in 2015.
  • Total of purchases across the platformdoubled from $7.7 billion in 2015 to $15.3 billion in 2016.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing (process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products) is newer than digital publishing and eCom, started in 1993, but it includes both of them.

www.learnbuildearn.com/go/joinUnlike digital publishing where you either create or source products to sell, or physical where you source or rebrand products, with affiliate marketing you promote other people’s or companies’ products.

This means that you don’t create or actually sell products (more like pre-sell or redirect to a seller) and you don’t deal with any of the costumer service. This is why affiliate marketing appeals to newcomers and people that don’t want to start their own business online.

However, there is a still a lot of money in it to attract big entrepreneurs and companies. Here are some of the statistics to proof it:

  • Over 80% of brands utilize affiliate marketing
  • Developed affiliate programs account for generating 15% to 30% of all advertiser’s online sales
  • Approximately 15% of all digital media industry’s revenue comes from affiliate marketing
  • Around 10% of all Amazon.com sales are generated by affiliates. That’s about $14 billion in sales

Another cool fact is that most digital publishers are also affiliates. This way you can combine and not only earn double commissions, but also get affiliates to promote your products. This is what Mark Ling does and teaches inside LBE.

Mark Ling’s LearnBuildEarn Review

mark ling

Here’s a quick overview of what exactly you get with LBE once you’re inside the members area:

  • Digital Product Creation – 14 modules about how to get started with digital publishing including research and creating your first product fast to commissions by traffic generation and getting affiliates to promote it.
  • Digital Product Bootcamp – 12 modules eCommerce, or selling physical products. It includes a blueprint to find the most profitable products to sell and who to sell them too. A real eye opener if you never done eCom before.
  • Affiliate Success Bootcamp – 12 modules doing up to 7-figures by just promoting other people’s products, both physical and digital. Probably the easiest opportunity to get started with quickly.
  • Done-4-You products and promotions – for those who want to get started right away Mark included complete products and campaigns so you don’t have to create anything.
  • Automation and Software – create landing pages, sales pages and full websites with a click of a button. This literately will do 90% of the work for you.
  • Bonus Training – this includes webinars and live recording from Mark Ling’s seminars and masterminds. You would have to pay upwards of $5,000 to attend one of those, so this is really worth it.
  • Copy-writing and Conversions Lessons – a recording from 3 days that includes some of the best online copywriters in the world. In fact, just one trick from Chis Haddad has doubled my conversions.
  • Weekly Live Training – Mark Ling has been hosting week live training for the past year or so and now you can be a part of it. Find out the latest opportunities, ask questions and bring our business to the next level.
  • Community Forum – one of my favorite features is the forum that allows you to connect with other LBE students, Mark Ling and other like minded people.

Learn Build Earn Bonus To End All Bonuses

What is the # 1 thing that any online business needs to thrive? The single thing that makes or breaks a business?

The answer is of course visitors, and more specifically buying visitors or customers. It is the bloodline of any business, especially one that is online. So, I’ll make it easy for you.

The LEB course by Mark Ling has you covered at building a profitable online business for years to come. And while it also offers some great traffic or ways to get visitors, I’m do you one better and will create full traffic source for you.

What does that mean?

I’ll rank your business website on the top of search engines ($3,000 per month value) for you. All you have to do is give me the ULR and keywords you want to rank and my team and I will make it done.

Are You Ready For Success?

learn build earn bonusJust imagine, in less than 3 months  (some do it in a month) you can have your very own online business, or three, making you anywhere from $100 a day to 5 or 6 figures per month. In fact, anyone can do that with the LBE.

However, most will never do? Why?

Because unlike, you they will never have a chance like this. A chance to study under Mark Ling, a guy that started dozens of 8 figures businesses in multiple niches.  So don’t take this rare opportunity for granted and buy Learn Build Earn with the link below to get my amazing bonus as well.

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